The price of gasoline continues to fall and one analyst says by as early as September many drivers could be filling their tanks with gasoline that cost less than $2 per gallon. The current average price for a gallon of gas in Louisiana is $2.48. That price is about a dollar cheaper than what we were paying for gas last year.

Besides the low prices for crude oil another factor in the falling price of fuel will be the annual change over at the refineries. If you weren't aware refineries produce two different kinds of gasoline for the American motorist. One, the Summer blend is a little more expensive to make, therefore the price is a little higher.

Refineries will be switching to the cheaper Winter blend of gasoline in the coming months and that lower production cost combined with low  oil prices and a surplus of available fuel in the marketplace could push the price of gas below $2 per gallon.

Some retailers in the state are already offering gas for as low as $2.14 for a gallon of regular fuel. This is great news for drivers but not such great news for producers who depend on the price of oil being at a certain level to make exploration and production profitable.

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