Attention men: Valentine's Day is exactly three weeks from today. Do you know what your going to get that special lady in your life? Maybe you have been thinking hard and still have no earthly idea what your going to get your woman... or you mother; or maybe you haven't begun to think about it at all. Well, allow me to help you out!I came across a new survey that I want to share with you about Valentine's Day gifts for women. Being a woman myself, I feel my input is also quite helpful. Here are the top five things your woman wants most for February 14:

1.) A romantic dinner
2.) A day at the spa
3.) Jewelry
4.) Flowers
5.) Chocolates or other candies

So...obviously gift ideas haven't changed much. Mothers, girlfriends, and wives still seem to want the same gifts each year. I know for a fact you men can't go wrong with a nice meal and beautiful flowers, but I think we should heat things up a bit this year. How about you bring your lovely lady to Outlaws on V-Day to see Gloriana LIVE in concert with a meal provided from The Petroleum Club? Sounds like an excellent idea to me. Your welcome.

With love,

97.3 The Dawg