In the words of its own executive director Louisiana high school sports as governed by the LHSAA is a "dumpster fire". As you might imagine when Louisiana High School Sports Athletic Association's top man speaks publicly of his own organization in less that glowing terms you know there are issues. Those of us that like to speculate and read between the lines feel that where there's a "dumpster fire" there is more than smoke.

But if you were to ask LHSAA Vice President Vic Bonnaffee about  the performance of executive director Eddie Bonine.  He would suggest that while things aren't perfect, they are just fine. He told the Louisiana Radio Network that Bonine's most recent evaluation was a positive one.

But, I would be foolish to sit down and tell you that when you got a 23, 24-member board that every board member is satisfied with the director.

This has led to speculation that Bonine's position with the LHSAA might come under scrutiny again at a special meeting of the executive committee that has been called for next Monday.

The largest bone of contention with Bonine appears to be his "dumpster fire" comments that were made to the NFHS recently. Bonine was describing the contention in the organization over the split between public and private schools.

We probably have some individuals who are in disagreement with Mr. Bonine in the way he does things that's only natural. But I do believe he has majority of the support of the executive committee.

I guess we will have to wait until Monday to see if the LHSAA Executive Committee can handle the truth. Bonine is expected to address the committee and offer a further explanation of his comments. There is wide spread speculation that the LHSAA will propose a buy out of Bonine's contract. Which would not surprise anyone who has followed the less than admirable performance and policy of the LHSAA over the past several years.