The Louisiana High School Athletic Association held an executive meeting yesterday via Zoom and unanimously voted to allow summer football practice to begin on June 8.

However, those expecting news regarding possible sanctions against several high schools for violating the coronavirus practice ban will have to wait a little longer for that decision.

During the 90-minute meeting, LSHAA executive director Eddie Bodine reiterated that there have been reports of schools practicing before June 8, but complete investigations would need to be done before possible sanctions could be decided upon.

All total, 17 football teams, 18 baseball teams, 14 softball teams and 12 wrestling teams were reported. Bodine declined to name the schools but did say the LHSAA will notify schools of sanctions within the next couple of weeks. Then those schools will be allowed to appeal at the June 24 executive committee meeting.

“What we do have is video evidence and pictures with reports on four football schools,” Bonine said. “The process of obtaining more evidence and identifying adults seen in these videos continues. One thing we agreed on today was this: It’s time to begin summer practice to begin Monday.”

In regards to summer practice, the LHSAA has sent schools a set of suggested guidelines to follow. The organization is advising schools to take athletes' temperatures and do a health screening each day before workouts.

Sterilization of equipment is also recommended before, during and after each group. A maximum of 25 people are allowed in a weight-room setting at a time.

“These are guidelines … we are not the remediation police. Once practices start, it will be up to the schools and school systems to handle that,” Bonine said. “By waiting until June 8, we do believe more schools have been able to put solid plans in place.”

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