High school football programs have had to fight two battles this year. One battle is the weekly grind of preparing for each Friday night's game. The second battle has been keeping student-athletes healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic. For the most part, our schools in Louisiana have been successful in both of those endeavors. But we only two weeks left in the regular season the questions about playoffs and championship games have started to take center stage.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association has announced that they intend to hold championship football games in the Superdome in New Orleans between December 26th and December 28th. Yes, that is much later in the year but the season did get started several weeks late.

The LHSAA says their plans for the postseason are quite simple. They will go about the business of seeding teams as usual. The one caveat is that in order to qualify for the playoffs a team must have competed in at least four games this season. LHSAA Administrators say there will be no changes to the bracket sizes for the postseason this year either.

In other words, if the bracket for a particular classification is normally 32 teams, that's how many teams will be involved. Should a school have to miss a playoff game because of COVID-19 concerns the team will simply have to forfeit the game and the other team will move on.

As far as attendance for the championship games is concerned, according to Eddie Bonine, Director of the LHSAA the New Orleans Saints will be allowed to have 15,000 fans in the stands in December. However, it's unclear how many fans the City of New Orleans will allow in the 'Dome for a high school game. That will have to be determined.

But the bottom line is this. It does look as if we will have championship high school football in New Orleans to wrap up the incredible football season that has been 2020.

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