There will always be a few things men would want their lady to know, but there are probably around twenty things us women want our men to finally get through their thick skulls. Men and women will most definitely NEVER be able to understand each other. Even if women wrote down exactly what they wanted, you men still wouldn't follow through. Don't worry, you were just made this way. Here are a couple of secrets we find cute, sexy and irresistible.

WebMD has their list of twenty secrets, but I made my own with only eight, good points. I hope you women can agree with me...

1.) Please dress to impress - It's hard enough trying to put the right outfit together for ourselves, and it would be so helpful if you men knew how to dress yourselves. No, you cannot wear gym shorts, a raggedy t-shirt and Sperrys to lunch. We try to look good for you, so please return the favor.

2.) Be a good listener - If we need to talk about our bad day at work, turn the TV on mute for a second and listen. You don't even have to throw in advice, just listen and be comforting.

3.) Be affectionate in public - No we don't want you to make out with us everywhere or have your hand in our back pockets constantly, but little acts of love go a long way. Holding hands or even a quick kiss on the cheek is so sweet and thoughtful. We just want to know you have not completely forgotten about is in front of everyone else.

4.) Compliment, Compliment, Compliment - Kind words are good for the soul. If you know we have spent two hours getting ready for YOUR work function, tell us how nice we look. You know, it's not always easy being a girl.

5.) Take control - Sometimes women are so much in control we often forget that we enjoy it when our man has some say-so. You can tell us when to chill out; take your authoritative power back, I promise you its hot.

6.) Dates - It does not matter if you've been together for six months or six years; going on dates and having one-on-one time is extremely important. Sometimes people forget what makes the other happy and having some bonding time helps the relationship tremendously.

7.) Communicate properly - Even if you don't feel like talking about it, you know we will hound you until you just want to scream and run down the street. If we ask "What's wrong?" please tell us because we are truly concerned. If nothing really is the matter then quit being a moping baby.

Last but not least....

8.) Practice all of these tips and secrets daily. Relationships take work, but it isn't rocket science. I feel like a relationship counselor...hmmm.