It's a hurricane term that will undoubtedly affect the fall season around the Deep South. The term is La Nina and it has to do with ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. You might be a bit confused why ocean temperatures so far away would have an affect on when the first good weekend for Gumbo will arrive.

Here's the best guess for what the fall forecast will hold from several of the nation's leading weather sources including the Weather Channel, Accuweather, and my personal favorite The Old Farmers Almanac.

Almost all of of these prognosticators suggest that La Nina will mean a wet and warmer end to the Summer and similar conditions as we move into Fall. This La Nina phenomenon must also be considered when it comes to tropical storm potential. The peak of the hurricane season is September 10th and there is a secondary peak in early October so that threat is still out there.

Almost all of these forecast sites agree that a relatively mild fall will be upon us. The Old Farmers Almanac even suggests that the first really cool weather won't affect the area until the week of Halloween.

Cooler weather will eventually build into the area by Mid-November with more seasonable temperatures through Thanksgiving and into the holiday season. Don't be surprised if you're Christmas shopping in shorts though.

While these forecasts are very subjective in nature and use comparisons from similar years to create a prediction they are usually pretty accurate. Accurate at least in general terms.

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