We all have that one friend or relative whose life would make a great reality show. It's not that they do amazing things. It's more about the amazing circumstances they find themselves in the middle of. Such seems to be the premise of a new reality show based out of northeast Louisiana.

The show is called Rednecks 4 Hire. The show's action is centered around three men who will do jobs that no one else really wants to do.  Think of it as a "Dirty Duck Dynasty Jobs with Swamp People".

What's even more interesting about this show is that it truly is based on real life. David Yelton says he and Mike Myers and Kevin Dodd will do just about any job. They know each other from church and by chance just started working together to help people out.

The show has been picked up by the CW and can be seen on weekends across many CW stations. Check your local listings to find out exact times and channels for where you live. You can also check out the show's YouTube Channel.

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