The coronavirus pandemic has certainly added some extra weight on to the shoulders of those who own and operate businesses in Louisiana. Many businesses have been faced with limited customer capacity or in the case of bars, shut down completely.

However, one Louisiana business has been holding its own quite nicely and they are offering a monetary "thank you" to the employees that have helped them navigate the tough economic times of the pandemic.

Stine Home and Yard was founded in Sulphur Louisiana back in 1946. The company currently has 11 locations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi and yesterday they announced some great economic news for their store associates.

In a press release from Stine Lumber, it was announced that a one time "Pat on the Back" payment would be extended to all of Stine Lumber's full time and part-time employees. Full-time workers would receive an additional $250 in their paychecks while part-time employees would get a bonus of $125.

Dennis Stine, the CEO of Stine Home and Yard was quoted in the press release as saying,

The Stine family, leadership team, and I are grateful for all of their hard work and dedication to our customers and the communities they serve during these stressful times.

The company employs some 800 associates across its footprint here in the Gulf South. Each of those 800 associates should notice the extra monetary thank you from the company in their August 14th paychecks.


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