In Louisiana, we've got a festival for just about everything and anything you can imagine.

However, one thing we don't have yet is festival dedicated to all things Bigfoot...until now.

Get ready for the inaugural Louisiana Bigfoot Festival this September!

TSM Staff Photo
TSM Staff Photo

Louisiana Bigfoot Sightings

In Louisiana, Kisatchie National Forest covers a whopping 604,000 acres. With land so incredibly vast, it wouldn't be too difficult for someone, or something, to be able to live on the land completely undetected.

Because of the sheer mass of the land, the Kisatchie National Forest ideal habitat for such a creature.

Reports from locals in nearby areas like Georgetown and Jena have added to the land's mysterious reputation.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has documented numerous sightings in Louisiana.

For example, in June 2023, there was a close-range daylight encounter in Natchitoches Parish. Other significant sightings have occurred in Sabine Parish and Grant Parish, where witnesses have reported road crossings and ongoing Bigfoot activity near swamps.

Louisiana Bigfoot sightings have also been featured in numerous TV shows, particularly those focusing on areas like Cotton Island in Rapides Parish and near Goldonna in Natchitoches Parish.


With so many reports and Bigfoot sightings throughout Louisiana, it only seems fitting we have a festival dedicated to all things Bigfoot, right?

Well, now we do!

The inaugural Natchitoches Louisiana Bigfoot Festival is all set to take place Saturday, 7, 2024 at the Natchitoches Events Center.

First Annual Natchitoches Louisiana Bigfoot Festival

The Bigfoot Festival promises vendors, local and national speakers, food trucks, outdoor equipment displays, and more.

From the event's Facebook page -

"Hosted by Brian Horn and Amy Harrell

LABFF is showcasing four Bigfoot creature movies produced in the deep south United States for the entertainment of Bigfoot and creature enthusiasts and audiences.

Filmmakers and research enthusiasts will be in attendance to interact with the audience to share experiences and their knowledge base on all things Bigfoot."


Morgan Tarpley Smith/
Morgan Tarpley Smith/

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