Reports say that a cheerleader from one Louisiana high school was shot in the leg as gunfire rang out in the parking lot of a gas station. The incident followed the school's homecoming dance and video shows the chaotic scene where gunmen opened fire into a crowd of cars and people.


According to reports, it all happened at a gas station in Shreveport following the homecoming dance for Huntington High School. The report says that many students were hanging out in the gas station's parking lot while others were attending an afterparty nearby.

Reports add that a bystander witnessed a fight break out at a nearby event center shortly after midnight. After multiple fights broke up at the event center, some of that group reportedly ran towards the gas station.

Twitter via @KLFY
Twitter via @KLFY

As the Shreveport Police Department continue to investigate the shooting, they say that the 17-year-old high school senior was not the only person shot in the incident. A 20-year-old was also hit by gunfire and also survived.

"Whatever beef amongst each other, it has to stop", the mother of the high school senior said in an interview. "It is to the point now where the normal things of life, they're not even able to do", she said.

Louisiana High School Cheerleader Struck by Gunfire Following Homecoming Dance

See the full report plus an interview with the victim's mother via KLFY below.

See the full report from @KLFY on Twitter below.

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