I can't think of anything more horrifying for a parent to see. Their child lying motionless on a football field while paramedics and doctors work feverishly to save their life. Unfortunately it's happened too many times during this high school season of 2015. That is why two Louisiana Congressmen, Ralph Abraham and Cedric Richmond, intend to introduce a bill that might curb the epidemic of fatal football across the country.

This proposed legislation would require the Centers for Disease Control to get input from anyone involved in high school football programs including parents, teachers, and coaches. Their input would be used to help formulate programs, policies, and procedures that would hopefully eliminate fatal football injuries.

Congressman Abraham told the Louisiana Radio Network his hope is this information could be useful in the prevention of incidents before they occur.

Bring in some new technology that can look at how some of these injuries were created, see if we can do anything and just give them the information we gain from this study.

Since the beginning of July 2015 eleven high school football players have lost their lives, including one in Louisiana,  to football related injuries. Abraham believes that understanding how and why these injuries occur will help create deterrents to them happening again.

This is a bill that allows congress and allows the federal agencies to gather some information and just help our local schools, our local coaches and certainly our local teams.


Abraham says the proposed legislation will not add restrictions or regulations if it is passed into law. It is simply to gather information that will hopefully allow for a safer game in the future.


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