For most of us in Acadiana the St. Landry Crime Stoppers segment that is featured on KATC TV 3 is an opportunity for us to help law enforcement do their job. The feature usually details some wrong doing that has gone on in the parish and the presenter gives us the details on the crime, what law enforcement knows so far, and how we the public can become the eyes and ear of the good guys.

The host of St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers is Lt. Clay Higgins. Lt. Higgins comes across on the video as a no nonsense law man. His words are tough but compassionate. His stare is enough to make innocent men confess. It's his on camera persona and easy to believe presentation that has turned Lt. Clay Higgins into an internet sensation.

This morning , Monday July 27, the website Reddit which bills itself as the front page of the internet had Lt. Higgins latest Crime Stoppers piece listed as the top video on the site. Many of the commenters on the usually cynical and smart ass driven website had very kind things to say about Lt. Higgins. One commenter called his presentation "very poetic" of course there were some less than kind comments too, but that's the faceless internet where men who live with their parents can hide in their basements and say snarky things.

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