Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says the damage caused by the Louisiana floods is an estimated $8.7 billion, and he expects this number to rise.

Edwards says this figure will rise as state officials finish assessing damage to roads and other public infrastructure across South Louisiana.

According to WWL.com In a letter Gov. Edwards sent to President Barack Obama Friday, he asked that Congress approve $2 billion in federal aid for Louisiana for housing, economic development and infrastructure.

From the letter Edwards sent to President Obama according to WWL.com -

While short-term relief for immediate needs available through FEMA for items such as temporary rental assistance, essential home repairs and other disaster-related needs are greatly needed and greatly appreciated, our full recovery will not be realized without additional help.

It's estimated that 30 state roads were washed out, and 1,400 bridges will need to be inspected according to Gov. Edwards.

Gov. Edwards reports that 55,000 houses in Louisiana suffered flood damage, and that number could double as aid applications and inspections continue.



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