It's all about perspective. The price of gas is rising. The price of gas is still more than a dollar less per gallon than it was one year ago. We should  all still feel pretty good about what we are paying when we go to fill up our vehicles despite the fact that we are having to pay .30 - .40 cents more per gallon than we were two or three weeks ago.

Fuel analyst Don Redman with the American Automobile Association says the rise in gas prices was not unexpected. However, it can be quite shocking how quickly fuel costs can go up.

"We've seen a price increase of about 6% in the past week, almost 10% in the past two weeks.  Unfortunately those prices always seem to go up faster than they go down."

Redman made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network.

He went on to say that the official U.S. Department of Energy forecast for fuel prices is about $3.00 per gallon. He believes gas prices won't get that high for Louisiana driver's. His speculation is a price between $2.75 and $3.00 per gallon is more realistic by the end of the year.

These forecasts will of course go right out the window if there is a tropical system that affects the oil producers in the Gulf of Mexico or some kind of international crisis that would cause a disruption in production overseas.

The past few days have seen crude oil prices rise to just slightly above $50 a barrel. That is not quite in the comfort and profit zone of most producers. What will oil prices do? Well according to these experts you might have better odds at a casino betting on the answer.



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