The Supreme Court made their ruling and same sex marriages have become part of the national landscape in America. Many people have rejoiced at that ruling while others have had to evaluate the courage of their convictions. One such person who is standing by her personal religious belief is Patricia Gunter. Patricia is a former Justice of the Peace for Grant Parish in Central Louisiana.

Ms Gunter spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network about her decision to resign from her position. She says she felt her religious beliefs would prevent her from performing the job she was chosen to do.

So I just decided to resign before there was any kind of messy controversy, or anything like that. I just wanted to bow out quietly and not get mixed up in anything like that.

Ms Gunter's husband is a Baptist pastor. Her beliefs are strong and she felt that in order to maintain her own personal peace this was the best choice for her to make. Not only personally but for the good of the people of Grant Parish.

Other Justices of the Peace have the right to decide if they want to perform those, that is totally fine, that is up to them but for me, it wasn't an option.

Ms Gunter had been in the position of Justice of the Peace in Grant Parish since February.

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