As we're gearing up for Labor Day across Acadiana, folks are lining up their holiday BBQ must haves. What are the foods you're sure to find at just about every Labor Day BBQ across Louisiana?

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What Louisiana BBQs For Labor Day

With Labor Day weekend coming up, it's time to start cleaning the grill and planning the get-together menus for our BBQs.

The gang at Mosquito Joe compiled a list of typical BBQ meats, side dishes, desserts, and BBQ sauces that one would typically devour at a summertime backyard BBQ.

To find out what the holiday BBQ essentials are in each state, says Mosquito Joe "looked at a total of 53 keywords across the four categories on Google Trends for the summer of 2022 (Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend)."

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From the meat, to the sides, dessert, even down to kind of BBQ sauce, Mosquito Joe's research found out what each state is cooking this holiday weekend.

From -

"We wanted to discover the most iconic BBQ dishes in every U.S. state. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds as we unveil the culinary delights that define BBQ culture across the nation."

According to the survey, burgers were the clear winner across all states.

When it comes to sides, french fries and watermelon took the top spot at Labor Day BBQs.

For desert, brownies appear to be the most popular according to 19 states.

In typical Louisiana fashion, we bucked the national trends slightly when it comes to what we're cooking for Labor Day...and that's the way we like it.


According to gofishdigital -

"Louisiana will fill their plate with Sausage and French Fries, and finish with Banana Pudding.

Most importantly, Louisiana residents are topping their BBQ with Buffalo Sauce!"

We're a little surprised about the Buffalo Sauce.

Nothing against Buffalo Sauce, but on grilled sausage?

Surprised it's not Jack Millers, Pig Stand, or even Sweet Baby Ray's.

Also surprised the survey didn't turn up anything like boudin, bacon wrapped everything, or bread pudding.

Do you put Buffalo Sauce on your sausage?

Check out the complete survey over at

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