A Louisiana man was enjoying an evening watching fireflies with his family when he suddenly noticed some interesting red lights in the sky. However, there's something in this video other than the red lights that really got our attention.

Red Ligts In The Sky Louisiana
Facebook Via Sean Casey

Red Lights In The Sky Over Louisiana

Sean Casey of Louisiana was enjoying watching fireflies blinking in the night sky with his family in the Independence, La area when suddenly they noticed something interesting lighting up in the sky above them.

Suddenly, a group of no less than six red lights appeared in the sky appearing in various positions.

The lights all seem to blink at roughly the same rate as they maneuver and change positions.

Sean Casey said via Facebook -

"We were outside enjoying a spectacular firefly show when we noticed these six or so red lights dancing around in the sky.

I assume it was military helicopters or drones. They seemed silent from where we were."


Facebook Via Sean King
Facebook Via Sean Casey

Louisiana UFO Sighting

We agree these lights certainly could be drones, military helicopters, or possibly even Starlink satellites... however, there are a couple of other things happening in this video that are pretty interesting.

At 32 seconds in, right when Casey zooms out, starting in the middle of the video frame, you'll notice a white light suddenly appear.

It quickly races from right to left at a speed that seems pretty impossible by any sort of aircraft we're aware of.

Louisiana Lights In The Sky
Facebook Via Sean Casey


The second interesting thing in this video happens at 58 seconds in.

Another fast, white light appears traveling from right to left across the sky at a speed that again, doesn't seem reasonable for any known aircraft.


Louisiana UFO
Facebook Via Sean Casey

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