The Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday is this Friday and Saturday, but it's not the holiday we've enjoyed in the past.

Because of the budget issues, the Legislature did a couple of things to fill the gap. First, lawmakers increased the state sales tax by one percent, making the total five percent. Second, instead of exempting all of the state sales tax as they have done previously, only two percent of the five will be exempt. You will still be paying three percent state sales tax on purchases, plus whatever local sales tax is applicable.

The good news from the Louisiana Department of Revenue is that you will save money on most items you purchase, whether or not they are school-related. The savings is also applicable on the first $2500 of the purchase price of an item for personal use, with the exception of cars or vehicles that require a title or license. Most services and meals are not included in the holiday either.

By the way, since we also didn't have a Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, this weekend may also be a good time to make purchases you would have made then. According to the release,

The exemption applies statewide to all consumer purchases of tangible personal property...

The partial tax break for the sales tax holiday will continue through next year. The Legislature did make the provision that the 100 percent exemption of state sales tax would be back in effect for these tax holidays in 2018.

So, if you're going to make a big purchase, like furniture, generators, air conditioning units, or appliances, Friday and Saturday may be an opportune time to do so. Happy Sales Tax Kinda-Holiday!

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