The news is not all bad when it comes to jobs in Louisiana. While many of us are focused on the roller coaster ride that is the oil industry, other industries are holding steady and actually thriving. One of those industries is healthcare. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics Louisiana actually added jobs in the employment sector during the past year.

The December report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that Louisiana actually showed a decrease in unemployment. The numbers show a decline to 6.1% during the final month of 2015. While many employees in the oil and gas sector found themselves with out a job, the education and health services industry showed signs of growth.

It’s increased 2,400 jobs in December, over 10,000 for the year ending 2015.

Executive Director for the Louisiana Workforce Commission, Ava Dejoie made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network.  She also said that her office is working hard to help those affected by layoffs in the oil industry find new positions as quickly as possible. However, there is a strong belief that many oilfield workers will be recalled once prices begin to rise again.

For those companies that have been in business that survived those sharp, sharp downturns in the 80s, they realized that the industry goes up and goes down. They’re accustomed to weathering that storm.

As for actual job losses the oil field sector in the state only had a reported 100 jobs lost in December of 2015. Dejoie did say that other employment sectors were also feeling the pinch of lower oil prices.

But we do think that some of the losses we’re seeing in other sectors, the professional sector for example, that those are probably related to the oil and gas industry.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission offers information, education, and assistance to those who have been laid off or are looking for work in our state.



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