Whether it was food, music, fun, festivals, or a combination of the three a lot of people from out of state found some great reasons to come experience our Louisiana last year.

For the 3rd consecutive year Louisiana broke a record for the number of visitors in our state. That means a lot of people are wanting to come and see for themselves what you and I already know. Louisiana is an incredible  place.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says 27.7 million people paid a visit to the Bayou State last year. That was up 5% from last year's record setting total. All of those visitors translate into some very good things for Louisiana. Some great word of mouth advertising and a substantial boost to the state's tax coffers.

"They spent $11.2 billion dollars and that translates to $836 million dollars in state sales tax revenue that's paid for by people who don't live here,"

Those are the words of Lt. Governor Dardenne who went on to tell the Louisiana Radio Network,

"There's so much for people to enjoy when they come to this state with our many passions for music, food, festivals and passion for life."
How are people hearing about all of the fun they could be having in Louisiana? Dardenne believes it's because of the state's high profile marketing campaign. When you couple that with the many different industries that support tourism and market the state on their own it's now wonder we have so many visitors coming to town. Dardenne says of the state's investment in marketing,
"It's a 38-1 return on our investment which I think anyone would take,"
It's also nice to have a great product to sell. It's getting to be pretty common knowledge across the rest of the country and the world that the best times happen in Louisiana.


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