It is prom season and if you have been out on a Saturday evening, you have probably run across several groups of teenagers dining out. It's the customary thing to do and often times you will see a large group gathering for the occasion.

So when a young man from the Sulphur area was told by his "friends" to get a table for 18 people at the local Casa Ole before prom, he thought nothing of it and did as he was asked.

The young man showed up at 5:00pm as he was asked and proceeded to wait in his tux for the rest of the group.

He waited, and waited, and no one showed up. He was stood up by the alleged group. How cruel of a joke is this?

People are not happy with this and rightfully so.

I hope for this young man's sake, he gets some justice and all the parties involved have to give him a public apology.

We can all learn from this terrible incident on how we should treat our fellow human. Love and respect go a long way y'all.

Cortney O'Neal/Sulphur-Carlyss Information Station, Facebook
Cortney O'Neal/Sulphur-Carlyss Information Station, Facebook

Someone on the thread above shed a little more light on the situation and it's not all that pretty. Apparently kids were taking pictures of the young man.

However, it is good to see that this nice man did pay for the young man's meal.


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