I don't know if somewhere in my generation we just got too fascinated with gadgets or we just got lazy but the fact is none of us like to get up out of our seats to do anything. We have remote controls for everything these days and thanks to two Louisiana teenagers you might not ever have to leave your seat at a sporting event or concert.

Malik Ellis and Alex Brown are students at LaGrange High School in Lake Charles. As part of a competition, they developed an app that allows someone attending a sporting event or concert to make their food and beverage selections, give their seat numbers, pay over their phones and then wait for a concessionaire to bring them their order.

Runner Eats is the name of the app and it was a big winner in the SEED Center Business Pitch competition. That is the same competition that fostered the development of the Waitr app that so many of us use.

The two students have dreams of taking their idea to the TV show Shark Tank or finding some other venture capitalist who might want to invest in what they believe will be the future of food and beverage service in a public setting.

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