I.T. or Information Technology, you know the department you call at work when the internet won't work or the printer is jammed? Well believe it or not a job description in that field covers a lot more than "cache clearing" and "have you tried turning it off and on". Information Technology is one of the booming career fields in the world and the Louisiana Workforce Commission is seeking to place IT professionals during its virtual job fair today.

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has been hosting virtual job fairs all week for Louisiana residents who are ready to get back to work. Monday's fair focused on manufacturing jobs. Tuesday the focus shifted to Healthcare related jobs. Wednesday the job fair connected employers and potential employees in the hospitality and tourism industry. Yesterday the job fair focused on Transportation.

Today from 9 am to 12 Noon Louisiana job seekers may log on to this LWC Website to meet and speak with hundreds of employers who need help in the field of Information Technology. Today's job fair will also seek to place persons who are interested in becoming an apprentice in their chosen field.

Prospective employees will need to pre-register for today's job fair. That can be accomplished at the same website you'll log on to for the job fair.

The LA Works website has thousands of job postings in a wide variety of fields so if you missed this week's job fair opportunity, don't fret. You can still read and find many of the same postings from employers who participated in the virtual event.

The bottom line is really quite simple. Louisiana employers need workers. Right now it is a seller's market. That means there are more jobs than workers so the worker might have the upper hand in negotiating salary, benefits, time off, and other perks of the job.

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