Fashion sense, many people claim to have it while others fabulously flaunt their aversion to it. I would fall in that latter class. I have never understood dress codes and why we have to have them but I guess playing golf in short pants and a t-shirt in 100-degree heat doesn't make sense to anyone but me. Those dark slacks and ugly polo shirts certainly do make the game better, NOT.

Golf News Central via YouTube
Golf News Central via YouTube

But this is a different kind of fashion faux pas story. Actually, it's not really about a fashion mistake, it's more about an interpretation of what someone else was wearing and it has caused quite a bit of consternation in the north Louisiana town of Winnfield.

If you're not familiar with Winnfield it is the parish seat of Winn Parish. The population according to Wikipedia is 15,313. A little over 5,000 residents reside in the town of Winnfield. A town that has been the birthplace of three Louisiana Governors and after today might be known as the town that's still stuck back in the 1950s.

Here's the story.

@kazzi112 is a creator on Tik Tok and she was recently at an event in Winnfield Louisiana. She was approached by three female police officers and given a citation for indecent exposure because of her outfit. @kazzi112 can't believe that she got a ticket. I can't believe she got a ticket for the outfit she was wearing. It was more than "conservative" enough for outside in the Louisiana summer heat.

Before you click on the video I must warn you that @kazzi112 drops more than a few F-Bombs so her language is NSFW, but I don't think the same applies to her outfit, well maybe not safe for "work" but certainly okay enough to wear to a festival when the heat index is in the triple-digits.

You watch and you decide.


Despite the F-Bombs, I agree with @kazzi112, the officers didn't make the best choice in this case. Perhaps there is more to the story than we are aware of but the ruckus raised by the 3.8 million views of @kazzi112's video did cause the Winnfield Police Department to respond via social media in a rather cryptic way.

One thing needs to be made clear here, I don't fault the police officers for doing what they felt was necessary to enforce the law. Remember, the police simply issued the citation, it will be up to the court to decide if @kazzi112 violated the city's statutes and is deserving of that citation.

The Winnfield Police post even references the fact that the "citizen" was given a date in Winnfield City Court to plead her case and dispute any charges. That's the American way.

By the way, @kazzi112 recorded a follow-up video to address your questions and concerns about her citation.

It's a shame a fun family festival had to be marred with some people being overly concerned about another person's appearance. I am guessing they don't have Walmart in Winnfield because if they do, they will see a lot less clothing and a lot more skin than what we've seen here.

But wait, we have one more update for those who have asked about legal concerns and getting legal representation.

So, if we made you the judge, how would you decide this case? Stick with the citation? Or, would you dismiss the charges? One thing is for sure when you visit Winnfield be sure to set your clock back a few years as far as social norms are concerned, they like the good ole days so much, and they appear to be wanting to stay right there in them.

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