The prospect of navigating the pandemic and hopefully post-pandemic job market has been quite difficult for many residents in South Louisiana. Throw in the fact that our current national leadership seems to enjoy squelching oil and gas jobs and you can see why so many residents in our part of the world are struggling to meet financial obligations while taking care of their families.

One way many people have been helped through these trying times is through the Louisiana Workforce Commission. This state agency is responsible for promoting and expanding employment within the state. They also help direct those who need unemployment assistance with their weekly claims too.

The recently signed American Rescue Plan which was signed into law last Thursday extended federal unemployment benefits for those without work in the state. Those responsible for inputting those new changes into the Louisiana Workforce Commission programs needed some extra time to get those changes ready for implementation.

Because of that, the LWC site has been offline. However, the site should be once again operational by Noon today, March 17th. This should allow those who still need to make claims this week ample time to do so. LWC says payments will also process this week. As normal claimants will have until Midnight on Saturday to complete their weekly certifications.

So, if you've experienced issues getting your unemployment insurance claims filed just know that you will still have plenty of time to get that handled and reported before the weekend deadline. The statement from the Louisiana Workforce Commission reminded claimants concerned with filing by using their Social Security Number that all numbers are accepted for claims made from Wednesday through Saturday.

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