Quick spell the name of the animal pictured above. Did you spell it correctly? If you did then you did better than most people did in Louisiana. According to Google the most misspelled word in our state is "giraffe".

Let's be real. It's the most commonly misspelled word when people in Louisiana search for things on the Internet using the Google search engine. We all know in our state we've got some words that would make "The Google's" data overload, quit its job, and become a Dora The Explorer video game.

Words like Tchoupitoulas, Natchitoches, and lower taxes have been giving people in our state a tough time for years. But don't feel bad if you didn't spell giraffe correctly there are other states that had easier words that they can't spell.

According to a story published on the Business Insider website, the people in Mississippi can't spell "nanny". The people in Georgia have trouble with the word "gray". In Connecticut, they can't quite get the word "liar" spelled correctly while in Idaho there are often red marks underneath the word "quote".

Spelling has gotten a lot harder as I have gotten older. I think it's because I don't practice as much as I did when I was younger. Also with the computerized spell check function on most writing programs if you misspell a word you get a gentle reminder.

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