In Louisiana, we have a special love affair with the holidays. This is the time of year when family and friends gather to share memories and more. That more usually consists of food. A lot of food. It's not just any food mind you, we have our own unique flavor of the holidays that truly shines through this time of year.

Damon Cormier is one of the owners of the Best Stop in Scott, The Boudin Capital of the World. The Best Stop is known worldwide for its boudin, cracklins, sausage and specialty meats. Cormier told us the holiday season is an especially busy time for his business and almost all the businesses that make these Lousiana favorites.

We asked Damon about the holiday season and just how busy the Best Stop's culinary crafters get this time of year. Are you ready for your mind to be blown?

Cormier estimated that in the one week leading up to Christmas Day the Best Stop will grind out 20-thousand pounds of boudin. Let's put that in perspective that's ten tons of boudin. That would be the equivalent weight of 20 concert grand pianos, 23 adult polar bears, or 6 mid-sized sedans.

Where cracklins is concerned the Best Stop will be rendering about 10-thousand pounds of those golden brown perfectly seasoned pure pork morsels in the week leading up to Christmas Day. 

The store will also provide hungry customers with approximately 15-thousand pounds of cooked, smoked, and fresh sausage. That's a whole lot of goodness heading home for the holidays.

The Best Stop is just one of many fine boudineries, I guess that's a word for places that make and sell boudin, in the Scott area. I am sure the staff, crew, and delicious Deli Girls at Don's Specialty Meats and Billy's Boudin and many other places are mixing, stirring, stuffing, and frying 24 hours a day. All so we can bring home the flavor of Louisiana, the flavor of home, just in time for the holidays.

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