When legislators voted to change film tax credits in our state in order to cover the mistakes of the Jindal administration many thought Hollywood would be through with the Bayou State. It was actually kind of sad to think that our state's growing television and film production industry was about to have its lights unplugged and its cameras covered.

Well, fast forward a year or so and it appears as though the news of the death of showbiz in the state was a bit premature. Currently, there are over a dozen feature films and television shows that are being shot in and around the state. There also appear to be many more in the works.

These aren't low budget films either. There is currently a Marvel Films superhero film being made. Also, Tom Hanks has a project underway in the state too. Filming for NCIS: New Orleans continues and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I for one am rather excited that so many production houses and film companies find our state to be a favorable location to film. We do have some amazing scenery. I would dare say the people always seem to be open and available to help out with locations. And, if you're filming in April and May, the weather is pretty cooperative too.


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