If you own and operate a motor vehicle in the state of Louisiana you know driving in our state is costly endeavor. Our state has already shown up near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to costs associated with driving. Now we are dead last in a survey that takes into account all aspects of owning and operating a motor vehicle.

It's bad enough that our poorly maintained roads make costs for vehicle repair and levels of depreciation among the highest in the land. Now we find out that we are paying the most for insurance in the whole country.

The survey done by Bankrate.com suggested that Louisiana drivers have very little they can do when it comes to changing the amount they pay for insurance, but at least there are some things you can do.But it's up to you to reach out and ask about them.

There are so many different things that go into your insurance premium, I would suggest calling your insurance carrier and asking about different ways and every insurance carrier has different tips and different ways for people to lower their insurance premiums.

Those are the words of Chris Kahn with Bankrate.com. He spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network and gave Louisiana drivers that small glimmer of financial hope.

I think the question that most of us are asking right now is this one. Why are Louisiana's insurance premiums so high?

The crime rate in different cities in Louisiana, things like fatal crashes, there is a lot of natural disasters, or the potential for natural disasters and all those combined to make the insurance premiums really high.

Kahn says that fatal crashes, insurance premiums, car thefts, commute times, and gas prices wereall factored in the Bankrate.com survey. He said the insurance rates and the amount of fatal crashes are really where Louisiana loses points compared to the rest of the country.

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