Lovebug season is upon us here in south Louisiana and if you've been outside in the last few days, you've noticed those little nuisances have slowly grown in numbers.

There is a bit of good news -- you can actually avoid lovebugs. Well, only if you never want to see the sun again.

If you confine all your outings to the early morning or evening hours you can limit your time spent with these oh-so-joyful flying insects. Lovebugs are typically only active during the day when temperatures are above 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, there are some beneficial purposes in life for lovebugs other than annoying us. In the larval stage, the bug serves as a decomposer of organic material and adults also aid in the pollination of flowers.

Additionally, they do not bite or sting humans so they really pose no threats to humans.

But then again they do threat the paint on our vehicles. If left on paint and left to "bake" in the sun for a while, they can cause paint removal.

Ah, the south Louisiana lovebug...such a "love"/hate relationship.


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