Former Governor Edwin Edwards has decided to run for the 6th Congressional District Seat.

That's according to Louisiana Radio Network, who says the Silver Fox will make that announcement on March 17th at the Press Club of Baton Rouge. Edwards' competition in the race is expected to come from three Republican challengers: Dan Claitor, Garrett Graves and Paul Dietzel. "But the chances of him making a runoff would seem to be strong with him being the only Democrat in a district that still has more Democrats than Republicans," says LRN President and political analyst Jim Engster.

It's been 42 years since EWE was in Congress, and the last election he won was in 1991. "The curious aspect of this is that if he's in a December runoff, he and Senator Landrieu will be on the same ballot," says Engster. "And quite likely will be forced to run as a Democratic ticket of sorts in their respective runoffs."

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