Tiger fans like to eat and drink.

The atmosphere last weekend in LSU's Tiger Stadium was electric and perhaps the concession sales had something to do with it.

This is the first year LSU sales beer and wine in the stadium and by the look of sales during the Florida game, it was a smart business decision to sale such during games.

According to the associate athletic director at LSU, Robert Munson , LSU set a concession sales record last weekend with $1.175 million in gross sales.

Over 54,000 units of beer and wine were sold and over 52,000 soft drinks were sold during the LSU-Florida game. As for food, hot dogs were in high demand.

Why were sales so good for this game? Well, the stadium was sold out, but it was also played later in the evening. Night games are big on the field and HUGE at the concessions.

LSU certainly won on and off the field last weekend in Tiger Stadium. Cha-Ching!