This past Wednesday it, fortunately, turned out to be a false alarm. Today it will be a drill. Let's hope it never becomes a real thing. I am speaking of an active shooter on campus at LSU in Baton Rouge.

Today law enforcement agencies that serve and protect the student body and faculty on campus at LSU in Baton Rouge will be training for what I consider to be a nightmare scenario. That scenario is an active shooter on our state's largest college campus.

The drill is set to begin around 9:30 this morning and should last a couple of hours. During the drill, those in and around the active scene will notice an increased law enforcement presence and will likely hear the sounds of weapons being fired. Those weapons will not be firing live rounds, they will be firing blanks.

The drill will be conducted in and around the Student Recreation Complex. That area of campus will be cordoned off beginning at 8 this morning. No one will be allowed inside the police perimeter set up in that location unless they are part of the drill.

Classes begin at LSU on Monday but many students are already on campus or will be moving on to campus today through Sunday.


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