Luke Bryan has been known for his propensity to shake what his momma gave him and you ladies seem to enjoy that. Just don't go touching it.

Apparently, there's a no-butt grabbing policy if you're lucky enough to get to meet ole Luke. That policy got waved for one special woman on Friday in Kansas City though.

At that particular meet-and-greet, Luke met an 88-year-old terminally ill woman named Frances Stanaway. The meeting was made possible through a program that gives patients the chance to spend a day doing something they love.

Well, for Frances, her love is clearly watching Luke dance as she wore a sweatshirt that read, "Shake It For Me, Luke."

He did just that. Sort of.

The picture below is the proof as Luke playfully posed for a shot as Frances placed her hand on his, well, rump.

God bless you Frances!

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