PSA: Luke Combs a just a good dude. As if we really needed reminding, right?

Between Luke and Morgan Wallen, the two have been on a good deed roll for quite some time now. We are just out here trying to keep up.

Luke struck again Friday night (September 2nd) while in Bangor, Maine on his Middle of Somewhere Tour. He made the night for two little boys who worked their tails off to be at the show.

Amongst many concert goers who caught the sweet moment on video, Bryan James caught some great footage.

Do you know what it means to stack cords of wood?

I'm not ashamed to admit that I didn't, so I looked it up.


This grown man may be able to do this a little quicker, but the two young men surely spent a long day stacking 5. They worked hard and Luke clearly recognized that.

When asked, the boys told Luke that their tickets cost them $100 each. He reached into his back pocket, pulled out $140, and told them that he would see them backstage so he could give them the rest of the money.

It's fine Luke, we can totally keep up with all of the "good dude" stuff you've been passing out lately.

What an incredible feeling this must have been for these young men. The two older boys in the picture are the ones who took the spotlight that night.

You can see just how excited they were by the smiles on their faces. This is something they are sure to remember forever.

This night also just further proves that Luke Combs isn't just a country music superstar. He is a regular guy with a big heart who cares deeply about his fans.

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