Once upon a time country superstar Luke Combs auditioned for the NBC reality talent show 'The Voice', and didn't make it. Bet they're re-thinking that decision right about now. First of all, Luke is one of the nicest guys in country music, and the truth is, he reminds us a lot of...us. He's not superstar slick, doesn't worry too much about what people think of him, and is a really, really humble guy. And he sings amazing country music songs, which just goes to show you that those shows aren't always about how well you can sing.

Luke did an interview with Whiskey Riff last year that gave us some insight on his experience with the show. It's kind of eye opening, and we just want to say that we absolutely adore you, Luke, and are happy you're part of our country music community! Read what he said below when Whiskey Riff asked him whether he had ever tried out for a singing competition show,

"I was on spring break a few years ago when The Voice was having auditions in Atlanta, GA. In my audition round I was the only guy and you get about thirty seconds to sing. I made it to the next round that was at a studio, and then made it to the next cut. They had four audition cities and narrowed it from about 10,000 to 200 people. Then you don’t know if you made it to the show for a few months. I made it through those rounds with the producers, but I got a letter saying I wasn’t “interesting” enough for the show’s ratings so I didn’t get to the show. But it gave me a lot of confidence because I was good enough voice wise to make it through all those producer auditions".

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