66 year old country music star Lynn Anderson only wishes she were in a 'Rose Garden' today, after getting arrested for DUI in Nashville yesterday. She admitted to drinking alcohol and taking prescription medication, and this is definitely not her first brush with the law. In a  written statement issued Friday morning by her publicist, Anderson says "I apologize for the choices I made and subsequent actions on Thursday evening that ultimately resulted in the accident," she said. "By the grace of God, I am very grateful that no one was injured as a result. I am committed to the accountable steps that I will be facing on the road to recovery and am deeply sorry for anyone that I have harmed along this path."

In 2006, she was arrested after rear ending a vehicle in New Mexico, In 2005, she was accused of stealing a Harry Potter DVD from a drug store in Taos and was also charged with a felony count of battery on a police officer after she hit an officer in the arm. In 2004, Anderson was also charged with drunk driving near Denton, Texas, after police found her passed out in a car on the shoulder of a highway.