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Major League Baseball has played nine-inning games ever since 1857 when it was changed from seven-inning games and before that games were played to a certain total most of the time 21.

On Thursday, Major League Baseball announced more changes to its 2020 protocols when it comes to the pandemic shortened 60-game season. Due to the number of positive tests that are arising around the league and games being postponed MLB has decided that when games need to be made up they'll be done so with doubleheaders.

However, the games will be shortened from their original nine innings in length to back to the 1800s when games were simply seven innings long.

I understand the need and want to shorten doubleheader games from nine to seven innings but it's beginning to not feel like Major League Baseball anymore... It's beginning to feel like AAU/travel baseball, heck, when I was in college at SUNY Plattsburgh (DIII) when we played doubleheaders we played one nine and one seven-inning game.

We'll see how the league, public, and fans respond to seven-inning doubleheaders, it's certainly going to be a little strange to see and just par for the course when it comes to the year 2020.

This is the way of the world right now hopefully we'll be able to get back to some normalcy soon but it is nice to have baseball back, now we hope they can keep people safe around the game.


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