Okay I admit it I am not a cat person, I am a DAWG person. I do believe cats have their place on the planet just as long as their place and my place don't intersect. That being said I see no reason at all to hurt any cat no matter how annoying it can be. For some reason I get the idea this "Serial killer in the making" just was looking for a reason to make things go boom. Fortunately state law enforcement decided to let him contemplate the error of his ways in a place without cats or the makings of a bomb.

Bailey told troopers he had been making "cat bombs" from combining aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner in empty plastic soda bottles and throwing them into his yard, frightening away roaming cats with the resulting explosion. Troopers said they found three exploded bottles at Bailey's home and two bottles of The Works toilet bowl cleaner.

Instead of a bomb how about adopting a dog from the local animal shelter, they make good friends and they tend to keep cats away too. It would be a win win situation!

(via Man Arrested For Making 'Cat Bombs'.)

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