Alfred Hitchcock reportedly said that the one thing that scared him the most was going to jail. I can agree. The threat of having my freedom taken away by someone other than my lovely wife is a hard concept to swallow. Even being in jail in Mayberry wouldn't be any fun for me. After awhile I am sure I would get sick of Barney and tired of Aunt Bea's cooking.

In the video posted above you're seeing security camera film from Brunswick County North Carolina. The gentleman you see walking toward the camera is an inmate. The gentleman you see sitting at the desk is a "guard". I used the quotes because if you've watched the video he doesn't appear to be guarding much.

The inmate was able to get clothing from the outside and walked straight through the security checkpoint pretending to be his own brother. That my friends is what you call bold.

You'll be pleased to know the suspect was recaptured a short time after this took place. The security guard was fired. I must say if ever there was a teachable moment this video provides several. Including how to be a better observer of people and the importance of physical fitness in the field of law enforcement.

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