It's a sign of our not so romantic times, isn't it? We can't seem to go anywhere or do anything without our phone in our hands. That seems to be especially true when people get together socially. It's not such an egregious offense when you're in a group but when you're on a date. It's really a janked thing to do.  Especially if you're supposed to be watching a movie.

Yes, that really happened. The Austin American-Statesman newspaper reported on the story a few days ago. The guy who paid for the date was rightly upset. In fact, he was so upset that he filed charges. He is asking for $17.31 in damages.  You can check out the particulars for yourself in their story.

Here's my question. What is acceptable dating behavior these days? I would think that texting while you should be getting to know your date would be a no no. I think texting during a movie should be punishable by death but I am a bit of an extremist.

What are your rules for at least the first couple of dates? No phones? No third wheel friends? No fast food? No sloppy drinking? No complaining about your Ex?  I know you've got your standards. Well, if you're a woman you have your standards. We guys don't have standards until we get hosed by a poorly mannered lady.

Have you ever called off a date in the middle? You know when you realized this just isn't happening? What did you say? Did you wait until after dinner or the movie to do so? Did you not call after you said you would? That's what guys usually do and it's wrong. It's safe, but it's wrong.

I now you have thoughts and ideas. Let's hear them. Let's air the dirty laundry. Let's clean the filters of dating frustration out for once and for all. Let us know what you think.

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