One of my close friends is an Iraq Veteran. He was sitting in traffic at the intersection of Johnston Street and University. I'm sure you're very familiar with this heavily trafficked intersection. 

He noticed the car with no license plate sitting in front of him, roll down his window and throw out what looked like a bundled up American Flag. So, He stepped out of the vehicle and went to pick it up, and sure enough it was an American Flag.


Now, I won't go into detail of what my friend's reaction was, but as you could guess, he isn't that happy. The car took off when my friend got out of his car because the light turned green.

My question to you, is what would go through your mind if you were sitting behind this person in traffic? What would your reaction be?

How could someone disrespect our symbol of freedom, the flag that so many have served under, protected, and paid the ultimate sacrifice for? It's beyond me.