It feels like it's been weeks since we've had a substantial amount of rainfall in south Louisiana and if you think you're yard is dry, wait until you see how dry it is in the swamp.

John Bijeaux gave us permission to use his videos from the Henderson Swamp and as you will see below, it is very dry out in the basin.

The ground in some parts of the Atchafalaya Basin is cracking due to the lack of moisture in the soil, and in other parts, grass has started to slowly grow.

I asked John if there were still alligators lurking under these conditions and he said, "There are alligators everywhere."

John Bijeaux
John Bijeaux

The videos which you'll see below were shot west of Lake Bijeaux, also known as the north flats.

I will note here, that some report on social media say that is done intentionally to help maintain the swamp, and while that totally makes all the sense in the world, I can't confirm from just watching the videos below.

If you're wondering when it will rain again in south Louisiana, the extended forecast calls for rain back in our region by next Thursday and Friday (October 13 and 14).

As a reminder, please do not burn anything during this dry spell. A number of fire districts report are reporting more grass fires in recent weeks due to the dry spell we're currently in.

Check out just how dry some parts of the Henderson Swamp are.

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