Yes "birthday suit," as in "naked."  Pretty shocking right?  Well it's funny, but not so funny at the same time.   I bet you would be freaked out by the sight of 65 year old male, Robert Bailey of Massachusetts, washing his car in the nude.  Even weirder than that, it was at a public carwash.

Car Wash

Alright, if you are so inclined to get a tan while washing your car, do us all a favor: Wash the car in your backyard!

The poor female who spotted this "goof-ball" washing his car called the police, and I guess she is scarred for life.  Imagine you go to a carwash just minding your own business and just happen to see a guy that looks to just have no shirt on.  Then you realize, oh wait, he has no clothes on.

Guess he figured he could kill two birds with one stone: Clean his car, and have his shower

Do you wash your car, or go to a carwash?

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