A viral video shows one man attempting to rid his yard of some pesky anthills. Unfortunately, the tactics that he used resulted in a dangerous explosion. Check out video of one man blowing up his entire backyard while trying to kill some ants here.


Warmer temperatures means that pesky anthills will soon be rearing their ugly heads in your yards. While most people would opt for a traditional ant-killer from a local store, one man was recently captured on surveillance camera taking a new approach to destroying the pesky critters once-and-for-all.

Twitter via @hike_charity
Twitter via @hike_charity

Apparently, this man's idea to get rid of the ants in his yard involved him running a hose from his BBQ pit's propane tank to where the ants were taking up residence. After letting out some gas near the pile, out came the matches. This is where things went terribly wrong...


A fiery explosion sent the earth's crust flying into the air and the man's dogs scrambling. Thankfully, it appears as though the two dogs were able to scramble away from the chaos without injury.


What was left of the scene was a ruined backyard and piles of dirt. I am not even sure if this is going to solve this man's ant problem, but I think ants will be the least of his worries at this point.

Man Causes Explosion in Yard after Trying to Get Rid of Ants

See the full video from @hike_charity on Twitter below.

Reactions to the clip via Twitter here.

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