In a state hungry for jobs and corporate taxes the fact that a Chinese company announced that it will be building a manufacturing complex in Louisiana instead of Texas is really great news.

The Wanhua Chemical Group announced that it's $1.1 billion complex will be built in the Bayou State. That will mean at least 170 direct jobs and almost 1000 indirect jobs.

The big question is where will this manufacturing complex be located?

You might recall last year a contingent of Louisiana lawmakers, businessmen, movers, and shakers, made a trip to China. It was during that trip the agreement to build this facility was finalized.

Based on that information we know the plant will be located in Louisiana. If one was to speculate based on the company's business profile a location in Southwest Louisiana near Lake Charles wouldn't be that far of a stretch. That speculation is based on the fact that the company says on its website.

Wanhua Chemical’s main business segments consists of four parts: Polyurethane, Petro-Chemicals, Performance Solutions and Special Chemicals.

Just to be clear, no official announcement has been made as to where this facility will be built and when construction is expected to begin.

The company already has locations in Houston and Philadelphia in the United States. The company also has locations in Brazil, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Russia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.




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