Videos of armed forces members returning home are practically all over the internet. If you search them on YouTube, you will be scrolling through videos for days. And all them will give you the goose pimples and evoke some kind of emotion from all of us.

I love being able to watch the 'new' ones come along and see the different reactions in each. In this one, a young Marine was expecting pick up a motorcycle with his brother-in-law. What he didn't know was that someone else was waiting for him as well.



This Marine was brought to tears seeing his 8 year-old little sister waiting eagerly in the car for him. The bond shared by siblings is a force to be w reckoned with. However, I have always seen the bond of a big brother and little sister something more special than words can explain. It is kind of like having two dads. This bond is very evident in this video between these two siblings.

I know, I know, I pulled at your heart strings again. I just could not pass up sharing this video with you. Being one of three children and coming from a military family, I know the feeling of missing someone who means this much to you.

Of course, I must end with a huge THANK YOU to all members of the armed forces for all of their service and courage. Leaving behind the ones you love most can't be easy, but they do it humbly and with bravery. I salute you all!

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