It’s truly one of the sweetest stories, and now Martina McBride is giving the details behind the live wedding that’s going to take place onstage at the ACM Awards while the country songstress and Train frontman Pat Monahan sing a live version of McBride’s single ‘Marry Me.’ The ‘I’m Gonna Love You Through It’ singer says the whole wedding plan was actually her own (admittedly crazy) idea.

“It was an idea that popped in my head out of nowhere after I was invited to sing ‘Marry Me’ on the ACM Awards,” she told The Boot. “My manager called and told me and I thought, ‘Of course, I’d love to sing on the show. Let’s do a live wedding on the show!’ I didn’t say it out loud because I thought it was a really crazy idea, then a couple of days went by and I thought, ‘It is a crazy idea, but it’s worth just throwing it out there.’ [laughs] I think it’s so special.”

As we reported earlier this week, the couple getting the honors of the ACM wedding are Christina Davidson and her fiance Frank Tucci, both of whom lost their spouses tragically in 2009 and had to learn to cope as a young widow and widower. Davidson lost her husband, Paul, in a drowning accident and Tucci’s wife, Danielle, passed away of thyroid cancer the same year. The two grieving single parents met when Davidson organized a support group for young widows and invited Tucci to come along.

“Their story is obviously tragic, but the fact that they’ve found each other, and the fact that both of their spouses died in the same year, and they both had small children … it was inspiring,” says McBride. “There is always hope that comes out of even the worst, most devastating situations.”

As for the wedding, McBride isn’t yet clear on all the details and how everything will go down logistically, but she is set on making sure the couple feel like they’re actually having a wedding and not just taking part of a TV show. Says the country star, “There is a whole TV show going on, but we all have to remember this is their wedding and I want it to feel really special. I don’t want people rushing them on stage and then off. It’s all still to be figured out, though.”

McBride says her rehearsal is this morning (March 31), which should give them some time to figure out exactly how this whole onstage awards show wedding with a live telecast will work. In the end, though, she’s going to leave it up to fate, just like Davidson and Tucci’s romance: ”It’s never been done before,” she admits. “So we’re kind of winging it!”

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