Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Martina McBride is a skillful, talented woman. Not only can she hit those high notes in songs, she also throws one heck of a social gathering with friends and family. Her cookbook 'Around the Table' is due this fall.

Her cookbook will focus on family time, traditional recipes, tips and tricks, and decorating ideas. Sounds like the perfect book for little Ms. Suzy Homemaker- like many of us! Furthermore, she has some great themes for seasonal gatherings.

"I have a passion for food and entertaining and I'm so excited to be putting everything I love onto the pages of my new book," says Martina. Well we certainly can't wait to read her personal experiences from her career, family life, and more.

Martina is super excited about the new project calling it her "dream come true" on Twitter. I always think it's lovely when celebs pick up new hobbies and projects to work on, and since I love to cook so much I know I am super excited to re-create some of her traditional, family recipes. Her book will be on shelves in October.